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About us

For about 25 years of operation (the business was established in 1991) IGIS Firm of Ignas Kriščiūnas has gained a position among the leading Lithuanian manufacturers of putties, primers and paints. The business was launched with just 6 workers on the production premises of a few hundred square metres. Today  Firm IGIS has its own modern premises of 3500 sq. m, where good working conditions have been created for 33 workers. It specializes in the production of interior and exterior wall finishing materials.
Thanks to the Firm’s continuous investments into the new technologies, annual presentations of new products to the market and ability to fulfil the most exacting customer demands, the Firm became known to the national architects, builders and designers as one of the most innovative manufacturers able to perfectly combine traditions and novelties.
This has also been proved by the Innovation Prize 2005 Contest held in March 2005, which was initiated by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania and prepared by the Lithuanian Innovations Centre, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and Economic Development Agency of Lithuania. IGIS has won two of the three prizes, i.e. the Firm was awarded for the most innovative project, and was also chosen as the most innovative company.

The main principle of IGIS is high quality of products. The Firm’s products are harmless to human health and meet all EU rigorous requirements, whereas up-to-date technologies have been implemented in compliance with the environment protection and ecology requirements. The above results have been achieved thanks to modern laboratory and investments. The Firm’s strategists cooperate with Western laboratories, i.e. experts of Omya AG Technology Paints (Switzerland), Chromaflo Technologies Finland Oy (Finland) and Lithuanian scientists.
IGIS is the first manufacturer of paints in Lithuania that has its own toning system. It was created and implemented through cooperation with the Dutch firm CPS Color. The latter produces pigmentary pastes that are used by many European manufacturers.
During the entire period of operation the Firm has never dared to save at the expense of quality, and thus has won the customers’ confidence. IGIS manufactures its products using raw materials purchased from the companies known for their quality all over the world, i.e. OMYA, Sachtleben Chemie, BASF, DOW, CH Polymers, EOC Belgium, Chromaflo Technologies Finland Oy and Wacker-Chemie GmbH.
After Lithuania’s entry into the European Union in 2004 and disappearance of borders and customs between its member-states IGIS has found an opportunity to put its potentials to test on foreign markets. The Firm has been preparing for several years to this. Its output capacity was increased, investments were made into the most progressive technologies and the range of the Firm’s paints, putties and primers was extended. Now 3 15-ton IVECO vehicles deliver on a daily basis about 20-30 tons of products to all parts of Lithuania, i.e. over 6500 tons per year.

The Firm’s managers are convinced that potential foreign customers will evaluate the strategically favourable geographical position of the Firm. IGIS is located at Panevėžys, a city in the middle of Lithuania near the VIA Baltica international highway. This highway connects all Baltic States and their port-cities. Furthermore, the Firm’s warehouses are located close to a railway line, thus, favourable conditions for logistic operations are also created.
IGIS presents its products on a regular basis at specialized exhibitions in Lithuania. Having assessed the opportunities that such events can provide the Firm has decided to show itself at Hanover Messe, one of the largest world exhibitions of industrial technologies and innovations, held at Hanover City in Germany.

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Manufacturer: IGIS Firm of I.Kriščiūnas

Tinklų Street 33, Panevėžys 
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