Substrate reinforcement,
absorption reduction and levelling


Surface levelling
of walls and ceilings


Interior and exterior paint,
wooden facades


Interior walls
decoration and protection


The surface finish starts with the primer

We manufacture primer

We have been manufacturing primer since 1999. During this period, we have produced approximately 9,000,000 litres of primer. This amount could cover over 6 times the area of New York City.

Competitive basis for laboratory innovation

We collaborate with Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and other European countries. We have been awarded various prizes for innovation in Lithuania.


Made from top-quality raw materials, along with many years of experience and ambition

We manufacture filler

We have been manufacturing filler since 1991. During this period, we have manufactured more than 80,000 tons of different types of ready to use filler. This is equal to the weight of 11 Eiffel towers.

Our filler is created in a Lithuanian laboratory

Substrate reinforcement, absorption reduction and levelling. The heart of our filler manufacturing process is found in our laboratory. It is completed with modern formulation, product testing and research equipment.

Modern raw materials

We closely collaborate with famous European suppliers, and use the most advanced raw materials found on the market for manufacturing our ready for use fillers.


A Lithuanian gem in the abundance of paint

We are paint manufacturers

We have been manufacturing paint since 1999. Over this period, we have produced over 6,000,000 litres of paint. If you put it into buckets of 10 litres and lined them up in a queue, one after another, its length would be 168 km long.

Product quality control

We precisely measure the key parameters of every batch we make in order to ensure stable product quality.

Integrated technological solutions

We have accumulated extensive experience in the development and analysis of paint technology throughout our company’s lifetime. This enables us to effectively manage the entire production cycle, from the creation of a formulation to the pigmentation processes in our stores.

Decorative Plaster

The nearly perfect correction of imperfect surfaces

We manufacture decorative plaster

We have been making decorative plaster since 2005. Throughout this entire period, we have manufactured over 700 tons of plaster. This amount could cover the area of ​​35 football fields.

Continuous work

Our work does not end when our products leave the factory. Our technologists are ready to check on their use at the customer’s site and provide recommendations.

Social responsibility

We support various cultural events and regional sports. Last year, we supported 53 educational establishments with our products.