Filler for joints and corners Taktika J

Ready for use filler. For joint tape and corner profiles application.



Filler for joints and corners Taktika J

  • Water-based
  • Ready to use
  • Firm and elastic
  • Adheres well to the surface
  • Environment and health friendly


For joint tape and corner profiles application.

Coverage rate

~0,2-0,3 l/m. The exact coverage rate is determined by covering the test area.

Technical data

Purpose: for interior use, dry areas
Binder: acrylic copolymer
Filler: dolomite, perlite
Solvent: water
Color: white, yellow white
Density: 1,62-1,63 g/cm³ EN ISO 2811-1
Particle size: <0,200 mm
pH: 8,0-9,0
Quality standards and certificates: CE marking EN 15824, EN 13963
Volatile organic compounds (VOC): <1 g/l EN ISO 11890-2
Non–volatile–matter content by volume: 49±1 % EN ISO 3251
Reaction to fire: A2-s1,d0 EN 13501-1
Adhesion: >0,3 MPa EN 13963

Work tools: spatula
Tool cleaning: with water
Application conditions: +10 ⁰C to +25 ⁰C and 35–80 % relative humidity
Coverage rate: ~0,2-0,3 l/m. The exact coverage rate is determined by covering the test area
Drying time (23 °C, 50 % RH): 1 mm dries in 2-4 hours and gains full strength in 28 days. Drying time depends on surface, layer thickness, air temperature and humidity, etc.

Surface preparation: the surface must be dry, capable of withstanding loads, stable and clean, primed with IGIS AG. Carefully prime the gaps.

Plasterboard joints finishing: stir well before use. Fill in the joint of gypsum board, immediately apply joint tape, then squeeze out the excess filler and level. When the filler dries, refill the joint if necessary. Apply smoothing layer only when the joint is completely dry.

Precautionary statements: keep out of reach of children, avoid release to the environment, wear protective gloves/ protective clothing/eye protective/face protective. IF ON SKIN: wash with plenty of soap and water. IF IN EYES: rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.

Additional hazard information: EUH208 – contains a mixture of 5-chlor-2-metil-2H-izotiazol-3-one and 2-metil-2H-izotiazol -3-one (3:1), 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H) -one, can cause allergy in humans.

Waste management
Do not pour into drains, water or soil. Empty, dry product package should be recycled or disposed of in accordance with national law.

Shelf life in tightly closed original packaging: 1 year from the date of manufacture

Storage and transportation conditions: store the product tightly closed in dry well-ventilated place at a temperature of +5 ⁰C to +30 ⁰C, protect against from damage, frost and direct sunlight.

Packing: 1 l, 3 l, 10 l buckets


Taktika J Safety Data Sheet

Taktika J Declaration Of Performance

Taktika J Product Data Sheet